Acting since 1991

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(Navy SEAL in Samuel L. Jackson's new action movie BIG GAME)

(gangster in a crime show - fall 2014)

Captain of the Guard and Military Advisor in THE THREE MUSKETEERS
(25 shooting days, wrote the military drill, trained all the guys)

GESTAPO asshole in "Rommel" (big German TV event)

Chief Light Technician (lots of unused close-ups) and "Roadie"
in 007 "Quantum of Solace"

Gangster in a crime show - (fall 2014)

wounded WW2 officer in 4-part TV Movie "Hotel Adlon"

Bodyguard for german TV star Senta Berger in "Marriages 2"

a murderous pimp in the most successful crime show K11 (8 years running)

Cantor's Servant in Peter Greenaway's "The Baby of Macon",
starring Julia Ormond and Ralph Fiennes (for both their 1st feature film)

(current body status)

K11 again: a hospital M.D. ...

... a convict ...

... a streetworker ... and all in between
(killer, gangster, fellow cop, body etc).

For comparison - 3 VERY different roles in one month, Oct 2014:
a crook ...

... a husband ...

... and a hitman:

As a Secret Service agent:

As an NSA officer in Oliver Stone's newest movie SNOWDEN

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Marc Flint

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I'm traveling the world right now, currently through
Philippines Thailand Germany Austria Hungary Switzerland Malaysia.
But for big movie roles I am totally and 24/365 available. I'm 100% independent and flexible (time- and money-wise). For the casting of STAR WARS, I traveled to Scotland, and for Jason Bourne to Tenerife, so if you are the casting director of Die Hard 6 or Indiana Jones 5 or the new STAR TREK series with Sir Patrick Steward or happen to be Tim Miller, James Cameron, Clint Eastwood, Ridley Scott, or David Fincher: just shoot me a mail and I come over. Instantly. All yours. Yep, really. :-)