Who We Are

We are a Future Advisory Agency based in Sofia, founded by very experienced Trendsetters and Visionaries with a long Marketing Success Record.

What We Do

Since the 1990's, we have predicted many Trends, Services, Products. We help You to prepare for Tomorrow and stay ahead of your Competitors.

Who We Work For

We have worked for 270+ big brands like Disney, BMW, and Virgin. But we also love to show startups and gifted individuals how to make the best of their Future.

The Best for the Best

Since 1989, our well-known Founder Marc Flint has worked for many Fortune 500 Companies as a Visionary Marketeer, creating Brands and Advertising Campaigns, Communication Strategies and Customer Journeys. Here are just a few of them (about 10%) as examples:

Happy Clients

What We Can Do For You:

Choose from a wide variety of services.


Since the Mid-Nineties, we have correctly predicted a lot of innovations, often decades ahead of their time.


To know your destination is not enough. Important is how to get there. We can guide you through the jungle of options.


A great strategy is crucial but the creative realisation sets it apart in the minds and hearts of the customers.


We show you how to inspire your audience by offering great value and exceptional content and experiences.

Let's See How Successful Your Future Can Look Like!

Why You Can Trust Us

30 Years of Marketing

Everything from Jägermeister Headlines to the first Auto-Webinars in Europe - every medium, every industry, every way of transforming prospects into loyal brand fans.

Worked for 100+ Agencies

2-Person-bureaus as well as the biggest Agency Networks on the Planet.

Many Accurate Predictions

In numerous newspaper articles, Flint predicted innovations like the iPhone, 3D-printers, Location-based services, Smart Homes, Individualized Ads and many more as early as 2001.

33 Books Written + Published

Some Life-Design Tutorials, but also Marketing and Brand Strategy books.

Own University Class

Flint taught "Marketing 2010" from 2000- 2002 in Berlin, being the first to teach Sustainability, Employability, Guerrilla and Mobile Marketing.

280+ Big Brands served

Responsible for huge Campaigns like Disney movies and BMW car premieres. Also successful as Inspirational Speaker for AUDI, Lufthansa, BMW and many more.

So How Can We Help YOU?

The secret of business success is to anticipate where the world is headed and then to be there first.

Bill Gates