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Do you want to learn how to make your Big Life Dreams come true?

Wouldn't it be cool to know EXACTLY how to make your Dream Life a solid Reality? Without having to win the Lottery or marrying someone rich? There's a time-proven System, invented by Marc Flint almost 20 years ago.

This is BOOK 2 in the FUTURBO Series about how to make Your Life a Masterpiece. You owe it to yourself to check it out, don't you? This could be one of the most important and (literally!) life-changing decisions of 2019 for you.

But it is still being written - ready in early 2020.

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Marc Flint

Author of 33 books (none of which you will find on Amazon - for good reasons), Marketing Pro, Hollywood Actor, Inspirator, Speaker and Life Coach since 2000.

He wrote this book to give everyone the chance to be a better person and to attract more luck into their lives. Flint travels the World fulltime (in Summer through Europe, in Winter through Asia), inspires Thousands of people with his Future Strategies (see www.FUTURBO.world) to make the Best of their Talents, Dreams, and Lives and lives what he teaches be making his own Life dreams come true - like acting in big Hollywood movies, flying like a Superhero over the mountains, meeting his childhood hero Neil Armstrong or working for a Thai Princess as her Future Consultant.

His new FUTURBO Book Series starts in Summer 2019 and will give everyone the necessary tools to make their lives a Masterpiece.

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What Flint's Readers and Clients Say

  • "Rarely in my long career have I met such a promising young business talent who combines business savvy with ethical beliefs, pragmatism with strong and unique visions, and stunning amounts of marketing experience with the most friendly and trustworthy personality imaginable. His shrewd and compelling suggestions have been tremendous assets for both my work and me."

    - Lynn Hershman (.com)
    Prominent Artist
  • "We really loved working with Flint because of his warm personality, empathetic and appreciative consulting, his endless stream of brillant ideas and his limitless generosity - this guy just gives, gives, gives. It‘s amazing. And we love it. Thanks Flint - you are a Force of Nature!"

    - Jakob Saiz
    Co-Founder, www.vayla.de
  • "Flint is someone you wholeheartedly wish every success. Because he fights for nothing less than the improvement of our planet. Because then not only a few but all people win. Maybe Marc Flint is very close to understanding the mechanics of life."

    - MacLife, 2005
    Computer Magazine
  • "When I‘m unsure about my Tomorrow or the Future of humanity, I only need one small dose of Flint. He always manages to give me confidence that our Future will be great. Thank you for your limitless inspiration, Flint."

    - Maxim Knorz