What we do best

Inspiring and Teaching World-Wide

Showing people the BRIGHT sides of Tomorrow is our Mission. We want to inspire everyone with all those cool developments that are already underway but nobody (at least not the mass media) tells you about.

After decades of Doom and Gloom, we make Tomorrow cool again. With Positive Daily News, Live Events, Online Coachings, and Offline-Meetings all over the World.

Creating Future Career Scenarios

On our way into The Future, we need every available Talent and Skill Set on this Planet. People deserve not to be left behind by the big players. There was never a better time to make your Life a Masterpiece.

We create Confidence, Resilience, Optimism by building and operating Online Communities that enable people to make the best of their Life, their Talents and their Dreams and to connect with each other. See below how we do this.

How we do it


Daily Free Positive Future News

To make the best of your Life, you first have to be convinced that it makes sense to plan for your Future. For that, you need the Confidence that it not goes down the drain in a few years. And for an optimistic and constructive outlook, you need the right kind of news and info about the exciting new opportunities that the Future will hold in store for us all.

That's why FUTURBO starts a revolution against mass media. They brainwashed us (paid for by the corporate overlords) to believe that a constant feeling of dread and fear is the sensible way to see the world. But of course this was just to keep us obedient worker drones who shut up and consume.

FUTURBO.news changes this doom+gloom mindset. Daily hand-picked and curated scientific, societal, and economic news from all walks of Life show you HOW AMAZING our Future Life will be. Only from trusted sources and with high-quality content worth your time. And the best: it's FOR FREE. Check it out!



FUTURBO Founder Marc Flint is a sought-after Keynote Speaker. Many big companies like AUDI and BMW have booked him for speaking to their board members and managers since 2001. This ignited his love for in-person presentations and being on stage. Now, with FUTURBO, he intends to not longer just inspire "the suits", but average people how to profit from every opportunity that the near Future has in store for us.

Entertaining, thrilling, inspiring Future Days full of valuable lessons - what the coming years will bring, which industries go down, which new jobs will be created, how to prepare for this new world and how to design a happy, fulfilling, and successful life.

These events will be financially possible for everyone. And if you can't even afford this pocketmoney fee, we will find a way as well. Teenagers, Students, 60+ seniors and challenged people will get special tariffs.



In our Future Advisory Agency RINSLEY, based in Sofia, we have a lot of experiences in mentoring and coaching people regarding Future Success. In the last 30 years, our founder Marc Flint has worked for over 280 big brands like Disney, Virgin, and BMW, to improve their future impact. As a keynote speaker, creator, and strategist. All these experiences YOU can now profit from as well.

For a small number of personal clients, Flint provides his individual suggestions, solutions, and strategies for your optimal course into the Future.

The first 15min are free (to get to know each other and to see if you are a good fit), afterwards, it's 300€/h with a minimum of 5 hours.

If this is a viable way for you, please schedule your free Strategy Call with Flint here:



Flint's 32nd book shows you how to become "a bringer of Luck and Happiness" (based on the German word for Lucky Charm - "Glücksbringer"). This book will cost 37 € soon, but for the first few weeks, you will be able to download it for free. And, if you recommend it to others, you can even download TWO OTHER BOOKS as well. How to do it is described on the download page of the book . Check this amazing gift out before it is gone for good:

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