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How to find out your true Life Purpose (2019)

Wouldn't it be cool to know EXACTLY what you're here for? What your Life Mission is? How to precisely discover your Strengths, Values, Virtues, and Personality Traits? In this 68p A4 eBook, you will learn all this and much more. 5 Exercises (2 from scientific sources, 3 invented by Flint), guide you quickly and thoroughly through the exciting and eye-opening process of self-discovery. Easy to understand and for just 37$! Easily payable by Paypal - so you can start exploring your Life Purpose right away! This book can literally change your Life for the better - go get it now here: www.PURPOSE.Training


Poetry / Gedichte (2016)

The Best of 30 years of Flint - his best 30 German Poems, 30 best Paintings, and 30 best Aphorisms (example: "A smart person listens to her dumb heart."). In addition, you will find there an extensive essay about how Flint became Flint - written by his mentor and "Jedi Master" who also wrote the forewords to Flint's first books in 1982, when Flint was only 14! This in itself validates the (you guessed it) 30 Euros for this amazing compilation. But it only makes sense to buy if you can read at least a bit German. ;-) You can buy it this way: You send Flint directly 30€ by clicking on this link and Flint will send you personally a copy of this eBook right away.


Poetry / Gedichte (2009)

7x7 Poems about the 7 steps of Flint's VERITAO Dream-Realizing System. Written and published in 2009, it has been out of print for many years now. BUT: You can indeed find one used copy on Amazon right now - go get it while it's there. Rare piece!


How to make your biggest Life Dreams come true. (2019)

For the last 30+ years, Flint has already made dozens of his own Big Life Dreams come true such as: Acting in a 007 movie, meeting Neil Armstrong, fencing with the Three Musketeers on the big screen, traveling the world or living in the Alps to Paraglide every day. His students at the University of Berlin asked him in 2002 how in the World he had been able to be a Stuntman in SPIDER-MAN 1, so he formulated a specific 7-step process to make Dreams a reality. Since then, this strategy has worked vor hundreds of people but is still some kind of secret weapon or Guerrilla tactic. Until now: In late September 2019, exactly 10 years after he published VERITAO (a poetry book about this process), he brings you the DREAMS.training - hands-on, practical advice that really works. Make your biggest dreams a Reality - for just 37 $! Go get it here (UNTIL IT IS PUBLISHED, EVEN FOR 10$ PRE-ORDER DISCOUNT!): www.DREAMS.Training


How to attract more Luck into your Life by being a better person. (2019)

LUCK.TRAINING, the 3rd of 5 FUTURBO Books, shows you with 4 time-proven Exercises how to attract more Luck into Your Life - try it out, it's FREE! Go get it here: www.LUCK.Training

Wie man ein eBook schreibt

How to write in eBook in 4 days (2015)

For German Readers only (sorry). Flint was asked so many times how to write and publish eBooks, that he simply wrote one about it. On 100 pages A4, he really dives deep into the often-neglected bolts and nuts of finding your topic, research, structure and actual writing. You can order it this way very easily: You send Flint directly 40€ by clicking on this link and Flint will send you personally a copy of this eBook right away.


How to transform Customers to Brand Friends (2008)

Three months before legendary Marketer Seth Godin published his Best Seller TRIBES about the same topic, Flint published VENIAMARKETING (venia is the Celtic word for Tribe) on 8/8/8 and gave it away for free. You can still download an old edition HERE. But please keep in mind a few things: 1) It's been 11 years since then, and that's a century in Internet Technology and Culture. 2) Facebook (the ultimate "chosen tribe") was still in its infancy back then and was in itself the biggest confirmation that Flint's tribal prophecies were very accurate. Have fun reading it - but again: sorry, just in German.


How to prepare for the coming Years. (late 2019)

Until 9/11, it was normal to anticipate a better Tomorrow. But then we all "un-learned" to looking forward to the Future. That's too bad, because the next 10-15 years will be an amazing time of global prosperity. Since we are not prepared for this new time, the TOMORROW.training eBook is more necessary than ever. In another round of hands-on exercises and informative lists such as "30 jobs for 2030", Flint shows you how amazing the coming years will be and how to prepare for this totally transformed economy.


How to find the Unique Offer you can give to the World. (late 2019)

This ebook concludes the FUTURBO Series - it takes into consideration everything you've already learned in the eBooks 1-4: How to ...
... find out your Life Purpose
... make your big Dreams come true
... connect with other people and
... prepare for a happy Future.
Now you will learn (based on all this prior knowledge about yourself) how to find out your Unique Purposeful Offer to the World, how to brand it, produce it and market it. How can you make the World a better place, earn good money (literally) and realize your highest potential in a way that nobody else could provide? This book will show you how.

MACH SINN! Grundbuch für Gründer

MAKE SENSE! A foundation book for Founders. (2013)

In 33 concise steps on 85 pages A4, this manual shows you the concrete steps how to create a purpose-driven business from scratch. Sorry - in German only.
In 33 einfachen Schritten beschreibt Flint hier auf 85 DIN A4 Seiten, wie man ein sinn-basiertes Geschäft aufbaut. Du kannst es Dir bestellen, indem Du Flint einfach 33 Euro per PayPal schickst. Klick einfach auf DIESEN LINK und folge den Zahlungsschritten, dann wird Dir Flint sofort ein PDF dieses eBooks an Deine eMail-Adresse schicken, mit der Du bei PayPal bezahlt hast. Bitte bedenke, dass das Buch schon sechs Jahre alt ist - im Internetzeitalter ist das eine Ewigkeit. Es kann deshalb sein, dass der eine oder andere Link darin nicht mehr funktioniert. Aber die 33 Schritte sind universell und von daher wertbeständig und zeitlos.


How to create a cool Personal Future (2018)

This short but powerful eBook was a so-called "Self-Liquidating Offer", used to attract new readers with a "friendship price" of only 8€, just to recoup the ad costs to spread the word about it. The three exercises in this book are still valid and working quite nicely to prime you on your way to Tomorrow. When you already bought PURPOSE.Training, DREAMS.Training, and VALUE.Training, you won't need it. Otherwise it's a quick read with a lot of personal value for you, still available for just 8€. At the moment, there's no Download/Salespage anymore for it, but if you wanna have it now, you just send Flint directly 8€ by clicking on this link and he will send you personally a copy of this eBook right away.


How to turn your Life Mission into an Income (2016)

This 28p eBook was an Upsell from the very first PurposeFinder eBook and showed in 10 Steps the way from Purpose to Profit. Since all these topics and steps are covered in greater and updated detail in all the other FUTURBO Books, this book cannot be bought anymore.


German Poetry, 2006 (out of stock)

44 of Flint's best German poems plus 7 of his best Paintings, all together in a 124p softcover book. Out of stock since 2017.
Auf 124 Seiten präsentierte dieses edle Softcover-Buch 44 von Flints besten Gedichten plus 7 seiner besten Gemälde. Seit 2017 vergriffen.


German Poetry, 2006 (out of stock)

44 of Flint's best German poems (totally different ones from the softcover book ICHFILTER that was published at the same time), spoken by Flint himself in Studio Quality. Out of stock since 2017.
44 von Flints besten Gedichten (komplett andere als im gleichzeitig erschienen Softcover-Buch ICHFILTER) als Hörbuch-CD, von Flint selbst gesprochen und in Studioqualität aufgezeichnet. Seit 2017 vergriffen.

Marc Flint wrote and self-published his first book in 1982, when he was only 14. Back then, he made hundreds of readings out of them, long before the advent of Poetry Slams. He called them Multimedia Readings (MM being a brand new term back then) in which he combined poetry with music, projections, light show and special-effects such as stage fog. A few years later, his poems became a vital part in West-Germany's exam classes as a renaissance of German Poetry.


There was a huge production gap once Flint went into advertising as a copywriter and
started painting at the same time in 1989.


The first new poems in a totally different style emerged when Flint stopped painting in 2005.


Update late 2019: Flint is currently writing two new books: DREAMS.training and his (yet-untitled) first English Poetry collection.

Here's a chronological list of all of
Flint's 33 books in the last 37 years:

1982 KontroVerse (Poetry)
1983 IntroVerse (Poetry)
1983 ExtroVerse (Poetry)
1984 Abramacabra (Poetry)
1984 Metamorphium (Poetry)
1985 Findling (Poetry)
1985 Zentrik (Poetry)
1986 Totenohl (Poetry)
1986 Furor (Poetry)
1987 Entlarvung (Poetry)
1987 Ungeschehen (Poetry)
1987 Tagebau (Poetry)
1988 Necromanticon (Poetry)
1988 Blutgefäße (Poetry)
1988 Nachtschatten (Poetry)
1988 Splitterfaser (Poetry)
1989 Tranceformation (Poetry)
1989 GeneRation (Poetry)
1994 Spiegelsprung (novel)
1998/99 SCRIPTDOCTOR (Screenwriter Manual)
2006 Egolution (Poetry Audiobook)
2007 Ichfilter (Poetry)
2007 Nett-Work (How-to)
2008 Veniamarketing (How-to)
2009 VERITAO (Poetry)
2013 MACH SINN! (How-to)
2014 Dreamcatcher (Audio-eBook)
2015 Wie man ein eBook schreibt (How-to)
2016 Purpose to Profit (How-to)
2016 Flintessenz (The Best of Marc Flint)
2018 FUTURE YOU (How-to)
2019 LUCK.training (How-to)
2019 PURPOSE.training (How-to)