The short version:
Marc Flint is a Marketing Visionary and Inspirational Speaker, Author of 31 books and Futurist. In 30 years of Marketing and 20 years of accurately predicting the future of marketing, technology, society, and economy, he created a lot of unique strategies and tools to make the Best of Talents, Dreams, and Life.
His slogan since 2000: Ideas for a Better Tomorrow.

The more lively version:
Marc Flint was born in the rural part of Western Germany called Sauerland (100km east of Cologne), raised in a quite brutal boarding school, published his first own book with just 14 years old, fled the boring countryside to the Army when he was just 17 and became a professional writer.

The famous author Günther Grass called him "Rilke for the 21st century" and so Flint's rhymed and metric poems became even school curriculum in the late 80s. He gave 100s of readings from this work, long before the concept of poetry slams emerged.

In 1989 he decided to live in Cologne and earn some money, so he went into Advertising. First at the PR department of the FORD Motor Company, later in small and medium ad agencies. He finished his vocational training as an Advertising Professional and went to Hamburg to work on the prestigeous big budget clients.

Flint has worked in the last 30 years for over 280 big brands as an advertising copywriter, communication strategist and brand architect - his corporate clients include companies like Disney, Virgin, Apple, Jägermeister, and BMW.

In 1999 though, after 10 successful years in this line of work, he got a profound Purpose Crisis and re-thought his work. The Millennium marks a dramatic shift in focus for him, and he decided to change his life from the ground up. You can read the full story HERE. He decided that from then on, he would give his Best to make the World a better place.

From 2000 to 2002, he taught a self-developed class called „Marketing 2010“ as an Assistant Professor at two Berlin-based universities. In this visionary lecture series, consisting of 15 sub-topics like Sustainability, Self-Marketing, Business Ethics, Viral, Mobile, Permission, and Talent Marketing and many more future- oriented themes, he showed his students the impact of a new economy based on sympathy, trust and responsibility. In this time, he also came up with the concept of a human-centric economy (first called Anthroconomy, later Purposeconomy).

From this emerged in 2001 a quite successful career as a business speaker for big companies like Volkswagen and Audi, many of which booked him to inspire their top managers as a society and marketing visionary and to tell them about „Economy 2030“.

In countless speeches, dozens of newspaper and magazine articles he showed people the Future. The first one in 1999 described the 7 steps for a brand to thrive on the Internet. That was when most companies didn't even have a website.

Another (quite stunning) example: In this article from 2001, Flint predicted the iPhone, Location-based Services, Smart Homes, 3D-printers, individualized advertising, instant delivery and many innovations to come more. If you can read German, you will be blown away when you read this.

In 2015, after the sudden death of his beloved mother, he left Germany and became a Global Business Nomad. He lived in Bangkok, Manila, Sofia, Budapest and many other countries and cities, wrote new books, gave webinars, founded an international Future Consultancy Agency named RINSLEY (after the Rinsley Rock in his homeland on which he sat as a little boy and dreamed about "The Year 2000") and based in Sofia/Bulgaria and coached international business people, e.g. this Thai Princess for which he became the Future Consultant regarding trends like Blockchain and Hydroponics.

In his sparetime, he drives his Ducati through the Alps, does Paragliding as often as possible, acts in Hollywood movies like SPIDER-MAN, 007, or The Three Musketeers, or meets his many global friends.

2018, in a hidden Mountain Monastery at the border of Thailand to Myanmar he reflected upon his life (this was shortly before his halftime break aka 50th birthday) and created the FUTURBO system - a future-oriented new era version of the famous success planning tool of the past called IKIGAI.

In early 2019, he returned to Western Europe to teach this Future Planning tool with a new book, a new team, and a new tour through Europe and then worldwide. In coming years, there will be a global Talent Community, a location-based networking app to connect people and massive events to inspire people, solve society's problems and make the World a better place.

And all this was just the preparation.
Let's begin to rock the Future - together.

"Marc Flint is a society visionary who excites every listener through his performances and content. Whenever I saw him on stage or in personal conversation - Flint is the firestone that lets the spark of enthusiasm for the opportunities of the modern era jump over. The future needs thought leaders and inspirators like him."

Roland Skommodau