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    30 Years in Marketing - 20 Years a Future Transformation Coach - Flint changes Lives.
  • Unleash Your Team's Potential!
    Inspire Your Leaders and Doers with Future Edutainment at its Best -
    to enhance your company's Purpose, Performance, Passion.
  • Prepare for Tomorrow!

    Marc Flint's accurate predictions about Technology, Society, Economy are legendary.
    His Superpower: Showing People the Future and how to create
    a Life that MATTERS by using coming Trends and DREAM BIG!

The Best for the Best

Since 1989, Marc Flint has worked for many Fortune 500 Companies as a Visionary Marketeer, creating Brands and Advertising Campaigns, Communication Strategies and Customer Journeys. Also he inspired thousands of people in those companies with exciting and edutaining Keynotes, Seminars, Mentorings, Retreats and 1:1 Leadership Coachings. Here are just a few of them (about 10%) as examples:

The Future of Inspiration

Flint is the Firestone for a New Era, igniting the Spark of Genius in everybody who dares to Dream Big of a Better Tomorrow. He taught Sustainability and CSR at the Berlin University (UdK) already in 2000 and founded the Purposeconomy as a Future Society Model in 2002. Since these early beginnings, he guides people in many countries into the Future of Economy and Society.

No matter if you are a 3-people startup or a global corporation, no matter what your industry or your goals might be - rest assured that Flint has very likely already worked for people just like you. Originally a professional book author, marketer, copywriter and brand-builder, he found his own Life Purpose 20 years ago: to give people everything they need to make the best of their Talents, Dreams, and Life. And then to connect the individual talents - worldwide. He loves to inspire people on all levels - personal and professional. The Future is holistic!

  • Purpose Awareness
  • Synergy Creation
  • Future Jobs + Careers
  • Competition > Collaboration
  • Life Success
  • Dreams + Goals
  • Meaningful Globalization
  • Team Performance
  • Purpose Brands
  • Talent Development
  • Daily Happiness
  • Tomorrow's Business Models
  • Trend Sensing
  • Future Responsibility


The Future will be bright and abundant - for those who get READY for it (aka build it). Flint is well-known as the "Profit Prophet" of this new Era. Experienced by 30 years of Marketing Work for 280+ big brands.


Evolution is hard but fair: Who doesn't adapt, stays behind and is sorted out. Nowadays (because of accelerated change) within weeks, not decades. Don't be KODAK - be Instagram! Tomorrow is built TODAY.


People resist change until the pain of change is smaller than the pain of enduring. Therefore, Flint gives them FIRST what they want (Entertainment) and then what they need (new Mindset and Tools). Makes Sense.


Years in Marketing
Big Brands inspired
Years predicting Future
Books written

If you want to have a better Life tomorrow,
you have to make better Decisions today.

Marc Flint

Happy Clients

Undeniable Results

Why You Can Trust Flint

30 Years of Marketing

Everything from Jägermeister Headlines to the first Auto-Webinars in Europe - every medium, every industry, every way of transforming prospects into loyal brand fans.

Thousands of Seminars

Ranging from 12min-speeches to day-long events, Flint delivered Inspiration and Edutainment in unforgettable formats, tailor-made for the occasion.

Many Accurate Predictions

In numerous newspaper articles, Flint predicted innovations like the iPhone, 3D-printers, Location-based services, Smart Homes, Individualized Ads and many more as early as 2001.

31 Books Written + Published

Some Life-Design Tutorials, but also Marketing and Brand Strategy books. (no, you won't find them on Amazon. Just here.)

Own University Class

Flint taught "Marketing 2010" from 2000- 2002 in Berlin, being the first to teach Sustainability, Employability, Guerrilla and Mobile Marketing.

280+ Big Brands served

Responsible for huge Campaigns like Disney movies and BMW car premieres. Also successful as Inspirational Speaker for AUDI, Lufthansa, BMW and many more.

So How Can He Inspire YOU?

Future begins TODAY. Success comes from creating Value. All good things need Time to grow. Money is just a Symptom. If you understand all this and LIVE it ... Happiness comes automagically as an Added Bonus.
(And don't forget to have FUN!)




Betahaus Berlin

How to create the Purpose-driven and Future-oriented Life of Your Dreams. (GERMAN)

Berlin Capital Club

Work&Business 2030:
Why we are - despite all those unprecedented opportunities - so anxious and how we can overcome this fear. (GERMAN)


tba Zürich

IKIGAI 2.0 - why the FUTURBO system is the updated version of this old Lifedesign system and more useful for agile times. (GERMAN)

Inspiring Edutainment

Life-changing, mind-bending, moving, funny, fascinating - Flint's content rocks the crowds with masterful Storytelling and lively Audience Interaction.

Up-to-date KnowHow

Prepare to learn fresh Knowledge from the Future! Inspired by Flint's own DAILY curated News Magazine: www.FUTURBO.news

Empowering Tools

No boring fortune cookie wisdoms here - instead all the time-proven, battle-tested success strategies Flint learned in 50y of Life, 30y of Marketing, 20y of Coaching.

Original + powerful

Flint is like a Picard / Morpheus / Obi-Wan Hybrid. Philanthopist, Hollywood Actor, Poet, Adventurer, Marketeer, Teacher ... an unforgettable, unique Mix.

Flexible + affordable

Flint knows how it is - as a Startup Founder, as an Innovator, as a Visionary with tight budget, you won't pay DISNEY prices. Promise. Get in touch and ask him.

Warm + authentic

Weathered by the Ups and Downs of Life, Flint became one of the most approachable, positive, nice, relaxed and empathetic personalities you will ever meet. This "Realness" even resonates with everybody in a 7,000 people audience. True Magic.


Discover Your Tomorrow -
as a Person and as a Team.

The Secret of Success is to see where the World is headed and to prepare for that time. So take the next step to your Ideal You TODAY and discover the Potential of your Team, our Time and the World we can build - together!